READMAN is a literacy SUPERHERO !! He gets children excited about reading, and gives educators and parents a blueprint to give kids the tools they need to develop mighty skills in literacy.

READMAN was created by two lifelong educators who know that reading and writing are crucial to a child's education. He knows how to capture their imagination when they are young, and start them on a lifetime of learning through reading and writing.

This superhero makes it fun and entertaining for kids to make reading a habit.

READMAN knows that children who read..

- improve their grammar
- expand their vocabulary
- build self-confidence
- become better writers
- score better on tests
- develop their imagination
- get more creative
- think more for themselves

What better way to create SUPERHEROES of the future, than by starting them on a path to reading at an early age! 

Readman is a super hero for Literacy. His primary mission is to get children excited about reading. As educators we know that reading and writing are two key components of Literacy.

The saddest casualty of illiteracy in America is the children who are affected by intergenerational illiteracy. Children of disadvantage parents begin their school life behind their peers. Parents with minimal or no reading skills often cannot provide the kind of support their children need to do well in school.

Readman is designed to spark young children’s interest in reading and to be that defender against illiteracy. Readman will share with children the importance of developing good reading habits while at the same time learning skills that will help them become proficient readers.

U.S. Illiteracy Statistics
Percent of U.S. adults who can’t read 14 %
Number of U.S. adults who can’t read 32 million
Percent of U.S. adults who read below a 5th grade level 21 %
Percent of prison inmates who can’t read 63 %
Percent of high school graduates who can’t read 19 %

These statistics are alarming and if we want to see these percentages decrease, we must provide our children with early reading interventions. These interventions must begin with Early Educational Experiences that will afford the child with opportunities in reaching their fullest potential.

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